Keys coaching and consulting, LLC started as a dissertation coaching company providing boutique style services to a select group of clients. This highly personalized and customized approach to the provision of our services will continue as we diversify our offerings.

In 2021, Alysha Kamaria Brown a school based humanities teacher coach and Dr. James Curtis Brown,  an assistant to a New York City High School Superintendent, founded K.E.Y.S. (Kamaria Educational and Youth Services) Coaching and Consulting LLC.  Dr. James Curtis Brown  (AKA Dr. James, DB, Dr. Brown) has dedicated 33 years of his academic, professional and community service experiences to raising the academic achievement and personal development levels of young people.

Meet Dr. James C. Brown

Dr. James Curtis Brown  is the Special Assistant to the Superintendent for the New York City Department of Education Queens South High Schools District. In this position he provides leadership coaching to school principals, especially those of lower performing  schools and serves as My Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper District Point for 29 high and secondary schools located in districts 27, 28, and 29 with over 20,000 students. Dr. Brown’s work over the past three years has led to increases in graduation rates, college and career preparatory, and attendance rates and decreases in chronic absenteeism  and suspension rates, especially among Black, Brown and Latino students. Dr. Brown leads the district initiatives to eliminate disproportionate academic outcomes when Black, Brown and Latino males are compared to other gender, ethnic, and racial subgroups and  provides coaching to the two New York State identified  school leaders.

Dr. Brown is a lifelong educator and is tirelessly devoted to creating partnerships to nurture our youth’s belief in themselves and to teach the skills and knowledge necessary for any individual to realize their dreams if he/she works hard enough to attain them.

Dr. Brown is also executive director and founder of the not-for profit, A Better Tomorrow Services Corporation, which raises funds to sponsor free post-secondary life coaching and free water safety and lifeguarding classes. He is also the CEO of K.E.Y.S. Coaching and Consulting LLC which offers career and life transition and harmony coaching, dissertation coaching and school improvement coaching.

Dr. Brown is the co-author of Raising Scholars from Infancy to Adulthood: Preparing Our Children for College and Demolishing Prison Walls,  a book on the effective parental practices that result in high academic achievement.

Dr. Brown has been recognized by the New York State Education Department for leading a High Performing/Closing the Achievement Gap school and by a New York City Board of Education and Council of Supervisors and Administrators Performance Award winning school. Dr. Brown has authored three successful grants totaling nearly 1 million dollars.


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  • Information packed practical training.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  • Practical assignments at the practical training.










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Our Vision

Our vision is to empower school-based leaders to create environments that equip every student for success in the dynamic landscape of the 21st century, while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling professional and personal life.

Our Mission

Empowering school leaders and educators to lead educational initiatives that ensure 21st-century successful students. We offer strategic guidance and coaching, fostering transformative leadership and student motivation in STEM education, technology utilization, and social change initiatives.

Our Philosophy


K.E.Y.S. Coaching and Consulting, LLC has an intimate understanding of the daily challenges of  school leaders and the sacrifices they make to transform their schools into beacons of hope and promise . We also understand the personal sacrifice that  undying commitment to your school communities, especially its scholars and families, has had on school leaders’ personal lives. We also understand that an outside eye with an inside ear gives school leaders a substantial advantage as K.E.Y.S.CC, LLC staff members assist and support school based leaders who seek to meet their school transformation goals without losing life longevity and the  personal and family relationships that matter most.

Personal Coaching Philosophy

K.E.Y.S. coaches and consultants stimulate the empowerment of our clients over their circumstances bringing greater joy in their disruption of social inequalities and increased work life harmony.